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When Depression Gives You Physical Symptoms

When Depression Gives You Physical Symptoms

posted October 27, 2016

Depression probably makes you think of symptoms such as feeling sad and anxious. While those are common symptoms, it’s important to remember that depression can cause physical symptoms, too. People sometimes spend a lot of time researching the causes of their symptoms, only to find no physical...
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10th  Annual Silent Samaritans Breakfast

10th Annual Silent Samaritans Breakfast

Our Annual Silent Samaritans Breakfast raises funds for women and their children seeking mental health counseling, but lack resources.  The Silent Samaritans Program is based on a humble, yet very powerful idea – women helping other women in need. The Silent Samaritans Program is dedicated to raising funds to support women in need and to insure that every woman who comes to Samaritan Interfaith seeking counseling receives help, regardless of her ability to pay.  They are women in difficult financial circumstances due to divorce, job loss, or abandonment.  They are mothers parenting alone, widows
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